Finding Your Crystal

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You have chosen Amethyst because you enjoy spending time in contemplation and deep though to do with the greater meaning in life. You are embarked on search for truth which will lead you to great discoveries but just remember, you will find wisdom through the simplicity and quietness of each moment.   

Adventure and spiritual discovery are the amazing strengths of your character. You have chosen Ametrine because discovering new truths pertaining to yourself is part of your nature. Using these strengths to empower possibilities in life, you are positively driven to awaken others with your optimistic and charismatic energy will ensure your spiritual journey will be filled with opportunities.

Wellbeing and success are part of your nature to accomplish. You have chosen Amber because you are unique in the way you enjoy comfort and are passionate in making the most of everyday life. Your strength is to create joy through simplicity and often in solitude you hold the greatest strength. Silence and moment to moment wellbeing occupy your being opening your reality to wisdom and endless possibility.

You have chosen Aventurine because of your kind and contributing nature. Many overlook the healing power of generosity but this rare gem is among one of your greatest treasures. Whenever you perform acts of kindness you are endowed with the ability to spontaneously awaken goodness in others around you. Through your helpful nature you are able to turn all events into positive opportunities and through patience will be lead to support and ceaseless success. 

You are drawn to Azurite’s firm and grounding spiritual energy. Spiritual maturity and strong concentration are your personal strengths. You meditative nature is no stranger to dwelling deep within contemplative states. Where inner truth lies but a step away from divine recollection, through solitude you find the strength to bridge the outer world with an inner universe.

Bloodstone attracts you because of its qualities of growth and regeneration. In your life you are unshakably passionate for all that which grows. Not by any means limited to plants or flowers but instead; everything financial, psychological, business and spiritual. Growth drives and inspires you to pursue your passions and grants a strength which coupled with grounding grants true confidence and success in life. Your productivity and strong sense of purpose ensures you will always be endowed with fresh new projects / goals to achieve.

More Crystals to Come…

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